Chroma Key Plug In gives ON AIR MIX a complete, simple and easy to use toolset for creating beautiful chroma keys with broadcast quality.


Add Chroma Key Plug In and increase your ON AIR MIX Graphics capacity.


  • This Plug In gives ON AIR MIX the capacity to do chroma keying on a DSK channel, enabling Fill insertion on up to 4 inputs.
  • 2 additional mix effect channels.
  • Each input can be configured with an independent still graphic as background.
  • Chroma Key can be applied to any of the Mixer´s Inputs using a still image or motion video from A/V Player or Playout.
  • With these features you can build a full virtual set environment with up to four cameras and independent backgrounds.
  • Thanks to ON AIR MIX multiple features, you can create beautiful Chroma Keys, PIP, Background Videos and Graphics, all simultaneously.


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